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Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Located inside the Golf Shop, Catawba Island Club’s state-of-the-art fitness center is available daily and offers cardio machines, a variety of weight selections, TRX cables and so much more! An aerobics room also is available for several fitness classes, including yoga and Pilates.

Operating Hours:

Open Daily | 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Main Pool

Main Pool

The Main Pool sits to the right of the historic clubhouse and has sweeping views of the lakefront, with XX lanes dedicated to aquatic fitness. Certified lifeguards are on duty throughout the season, which begins Memorial Day Weekend and ends on Labor Day. Swimming lessons also are available by appointment only.

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Fitness Class Descriptions

This class consists of 10 minutes of meditation, 15 minutes of stretching, 25 minutes of basic yoga asanas and 10 minutes of savasana with restorative yoga added. Mats, blocks, straps and essential oils are provided.
Join this class to build balance, strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as learn how to build your own workout by navigating through the Fitness Center. This class includes 5-minute warmup and stretch, 35-50 minutes major muscle group strength concentration, 10 minutes core and balance and 5-minute cool down and clean up.
Gearing up for golf, tennis, pickleball and/or other sports requiring core strength? This class uses multiple tools to reach better flexibility and strength in areas that will power the swing, while also strengthening the shoulder and hip girdles, building stability muscles and increasing balance and proprioception, as well as core strength. Tools include TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine and stability balls and mats.
*Must be able to kneel, hold body weight in full plank position, hold body weight by gripping ropes and have full range of motion through hip and shoulder girdles*
This class is fun, stimulating and invigorating and includes a warmup, cardio section, isolated strength training and cool down/stretch. It raises your heart rate, while pumping water through movement, creating resistance through motion and mass. Moderate to higher level aerobics can be achieved. Please brin drinking water and water dumbbells. There are none available on deck.
This class performs drills focused on moving throughout the court. Drills will emphasize agility and allow players to get a workout, while practicing their tennis skills. Expect to move for a majority of the class.
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