Charters by Catawba Island Club-- Meet Our Beloved GEMINI

There are so many ways to enjoy our beautiful Lake Erie, but none more luxurious and relaxing than aboard GEMINI—Catawba Island Club’s charming, 73-foot motor yacht designed and built for cruising the Great Lakes. Recently remodeled and upgraded, GEMINI is to be enjoyed by those seeking a truly unique venue for the most memorable occasions.  

Catawba Island Club excels in orchestrating the desired atmosphere for your function; From leisurely outings with friends to entertainment for a corporate function, a GEMINI charter offers an escape from the ordinary. Whether you cruise along the historic Catawba shoreline or embark on a full day excursion to one of the popular Lake Erie Islands, each charter is customized including routes, entertainment, food, and more to match your vision.  

Nick Gerber of The Ashley Group is no stranger to enthralling GEMINI cruises. Nick has enjoyed collaborating with CIC since GEMINI made her first appearance in the Catawba harbor. Some of his favorite functions include cruising to The Bay for dinner with friends or family, and notes that it is an ideal venue for client entertainment. While Nick enjoys watching the sunset and having cigars on the top deck, many others enjoy the intimate cabin space—ideal for camaraderie and conversation! 

Those wishing to book a charter may contact Phaedra at Catawba Island Marina (information listed below). All charters are catered by Catawba Island Club to match the needs of your event. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be contacted with food and beverage options completely customizable to your outing. Charters begin with two hours of boat time – 30 minutes of embark and disembark time as well as one hour of cruising along the picturesque Catawba coast. Additional time on the water, at anchor, or at dock is welcome and encouraged upon your request. GEMINI is most enjoyable with groups of around 30 passengers. Charter pricing includes up to 24 passengers, however, additional passengers are welcome at a per person rate. At this time, GEMINI is unable to accommodate more than 40 passengers. 

Follow the link below for more details in regards to booking your GEMINI excursion!

Author: Lauren Schmid, Marketing Associate