Member Exclusive: Introducing "Dock Shop Sips", Friday Wine Tastings

Catawba Island Club prides itself in the partnerships we hold with #local businesses and vendors! Thank you to all of our new wine vendors for their partnership with CIC, bringing our #member #exclusive "Dock Shop Sips" events to life this summer season.Catawba Island Club is providing this event for members to learn more about some of their favorite varieties of wine being produced right in CICs back yard! During the first annual “Dock Shop Sips”, Aaron Likavec, a representative from Vintage, presented Böen Pinot Noir. “If you don’t know wine, it’s a nice way to learn.”

“It’s the perfect atmosphere, too.” Likavec noted in regards to CIC’s The Dock Shop.

Other vendors that will be making an appearance this summer include Cutting Edge, Wine Trends, Heidelberg, RC Distribution, Tramonte & Sons, and Martin & Company Wines. In addition to learning about the wines and their producers, members are able to keep their limited edition wine glasses that feature the exclusive CIC logo.

Catawba Island Club is known for its beautiful, natural location and is nestled on the northwestern end of the Catawba Peninsula. CIC is family-friendly “home away from home” for many members who have enjoyed the club’s amenities throughout multiple generations. It is here that members delight in some of their fondest memories along the coastal shorelines of Lake Erie at Catawba Island Club.

Join us every Friday and find your new favorite wine down at the Dock Shop!


Author: Lauren Schmid, Marketing Associate

Co Author: Sydney Purtee

Ken Williams