The Importance of Having an Employee Specialist On Your Team

What is an employee specialist? Meet Jessica Hoover.

Jessica was recently hired on full time at Catawba Island Club, orchestrating a two-fold position that conducts all recruitment activities and acts as a liaison between managers and future employees. Jessica has many responsibilities under this umbrella, the most important being a first responder to those interested in employment, here at CIC.

An employee specialist acts as a ring leader for recruitment. Not only does she display the vast array of opportunities at CIC, but she also corresponds with local colleges and opportunity centers to find qualified candidates that fit the needs of the company. These activities illustrate company culture before, during and after the hiring process and prepare individuals for life as a Catawba Island Club employee.

When a potential candidate is interested in employment, they can access Catawba Island Club’s online portal, complete the registration form and wait for the employee specialist to contact them shortly thereafter. The employee specialist conducts the initial interview and gathers information about their personality using a predictive index assessment. From these results, the specialist will determine which of the available positions would be the best fit for them to pursue, before passing them on to the managers of those respective departments.  

An employee specialist is imperative to productivity in the workplace. Having an employee specialist act as a liaison between the employment process and department heads is a key factor in ensuring the operation continues to run smoothly while the hiring process is underway. Department heads do not come into contact with future employees until they have been “matched” and scheduled for an interview by the employee specialist. This means less time managers spend doing "head hunting”, and more time overseeing operations their field. 

In conclusion, the employee specialist is also an advocate for employees that already work under the Catawba Island Club umbrella. Employees may reach out to the employee specialist with any human resources related question, and if they cannot answer it, they will direct them to someone that can.

If you feel that your company is lacking in any of the above areas— perhaps an employee specialist would be a valuable asset to your human resources team!

Ken Williams