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Meet The Staff

Meet Our Staff

Kitty Kaple, Yoga Instructor

Kitty received her certification in 2016, but has been practicing yoga since 2009. Yoga has been a true passion for Kitty, taking classes in several different states throughout the country. She is currently teaching at Lakeside, where she works as the hotel front desk supervisor. Yoga has helped her deal with her arthritis pain, autoimmune disease and anxiety. Her goal is to live to be 100 years old. She enjoys spending time with her family outside of work, those who give her strength to do all things.

Kylie Gospodarek, Yoga Instructor

Kylie has taught yoga since 2019, but she first found the love of the art in 2017 after becoming a mother.She used that time to learn more about herself and her body, which has helped her improve her personal life. She now understands how important it is to take time for relaxation and relief with anxiety. Yoga also has led her to new opportunities that she didn't even see coming, most recently becoming certified in reiki and herbalism. 

Julia Bartram, Strength and Water Aerobics Instructor

Julia is a registered nurse and boasts a bachelor's degree in communications and public relations from Toledo, but her true passion lies in teaching group fitness classes and encouraging individuals to make a connection while in class. She loves watching her students improve their overall health and wellness, which is her ultimate goal. Julia is the owner of The Fitness Profile, LLC, Corporate Wellness Company, and is a tennis addict! When she was a freshman in college, she took a jazz/dance class and was recommended to drop the class. That moment only motivated her to improve her health and fitness more, competing in triathlons, and now her favorite addiction, tennis, and she is excited to teach others the importance of core strength and balance.

Peg McConnell, Water Aerobics Instructor

Bethany McNutt, Swim Instructor