Golf at CIC

Golf traditions at Catawba Island Club go back the 1920's when there was 9-hole golf course associated with the Catawba Cliffs Community and the Catawba Cliffs Beach Club.  Today CIC offers an Arthur Hills designed golf course that is kept in pristine condition.  Being one of the only golf courses along the shores of Lake Erie CIC has been a popular destination for families and golfers for generations.  The design provides and interesting and varied test that has delighted members and challenged US Open hopefuls.  

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The Course

Tee to Green:

Your Weekly Guide to Golf at Catawba Island Club.
Links to additional information are included as outlined text

Golf Shop Hours

Monday through Thursday 7:30am to 7pm
Friday through Sunday 6:30am to 7:30pm

Monday, August 19

CIC’s Employee Day. Tee times are limited from 8am - 2pm

tuesday, august 20

Tuesday Morning League starts at 8:30am - register with the Golf Shop. Tee times are available 9-11am, 1-2pm.

wednesday, August 21

CIC is hosting an event for Sheriff Steve Levorchic. Tee times are available 8-9am or after 5:40pm

Thursday, August 22

The Women’s Golf Association plays in the morning. The Men’s Golf Association begins play at 4:30pm.

Friday, August 23

Open play for most of the day.

Open Play - all day

Sunday, August 25

Tee times available 7-9am, 1:30-2:30pm, and after 5:30pm
The Couples Club Championship will begin at 1pm - register with the Golf Shop.


2019 Golf Calendars by month

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2019 Golf Packages & Rates

Catawba Island Club offers various golf packages for individuals and families. We also have daily fees with discounted rates in the Fall and Spring. The practice facility is available to all members either via daily fee or an annual range package. All of this and more is outlined in the Golf Guide - download by clicking the button to the right.

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Weekly League & Tournament results

powered by golf genius, CIC’s professional golf staff prides itself on the ability to utilize the most up-to-date tournament software to provide the best experience for members & their guests.


2019 Men’s Handicap Policy

In order to provide equitable competition between skill levels, while following the USGA Handicap Guidelines we have developed a CIC Handicap Policy applicable for all (male*) events except for the Men’s Club Championship and Men’s Burgee Cup.

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scorecard & Updated hole handicaps

utilizing real data, we have updated our hole handicaps to better match our hole handicaps.