Guest Information & Club Guidelines

For a complete list of Club guidelines, please contact our membership coordinator

Q: I’m not a member, can i use the club and its facilities?

A: xxxxx

Q: are you a part of any cruising clubs or private club associations?

A: xxxx

Q: do you offer any transient dockage?

A: xxxx

Q: I’m interested in becoming a member. how does one become one?

A: Fill out our member inquiry form here!

Q: What is the dress code around property?

A: Our dress code varies by location and day of the week. Here is an abbreviated breakdown. If you would like more information, please review our complete Club Guidelines document.

Dining Rooms:

Breakfast & Lunch: All dining areas are casual allowing for nice shorts, collared golf shirts, or nice T-Shirts. No pajama or sleeping clothing may be worn at any time in the dining rooms.
Dinner: For men, we require a collared or banded collar dress shirt, and nice jeans or slacks - shorts may be appropriate in the summer months. Tank tops are never accepted as appropriate attire during any meal. Hats are not appropriate attire for any inside dining with the exception of the Cove Bar

For women, dressy walking shorts or walking short outfits are appropriate. Hats for fashion may be worn inside.

At night, please understand we may have to turn away any improperly dressed members or guests at management's discretion.

Sunday: Casual dining is available all day in all dining rooms. Shorts are permissible.

On the Patio: Casual dress, including shorts and hats, are permissible on the patio.  For dinner and lunch service, please see the hostess on duty for seating.  Dogs are not allowed on the patio.