Cic Inaugural Bar crawl

The Inaugural Bar Crawl will start at 1pm on Saturday, June 29th. There is no cost for entry other than a beverage purchase at each location. The purchase does not have to include alcohol, but participants must be 21. Participants may proceed in any order - ‘punch cards’ are available at any of the bars included.
The finishing locations are the Cove Bar and Burgee Bar. Finishers will receive a T-Shirt!

Pizza will be available, come a reservation at the front desk!

The Bar Crawl will start at 1pm.

Pool Bar.jpg

Barefoot Bar

The Barefoot Bar is located on the Pool Deck.

Bar Crawl Hours
Open until 5pm

Specialty Drink:
CIC Pain Killer


Cove Bar

The Cove Bar is located in the Main Club.

The Cove Bar is a finishing location and will be open until 12am.

Specialty Drink:
Bourbon Smash

Beach Bar.jpg

Beach Bar

The beach bar is located between our Galley and Pool area.

Bar Crawl hours:
1 to Sunset

Specialty Drink:

Brewt’s Bloody Mary


Dock Shop

The Dock Shop is located along the Channel Entrance.

Bar Crawl Hours:
open until 9pm

specialty drink:
White Sangria


Pizza at the bistro
6pm to 8pm


The Bistro is located in the same building as the Golf Shop and Fitness Center.

Bar crawl hours:
Open until 9pm

Specialty Drink:
Dockside Lemonade

The Bistro will have live music from 6pm to 9pm. A pizza buffet will be available from 6pm to 8pm - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (419) 797-4424



The Patio is located off the Main Club.

bar crawl hours:
Open until 9:30pm

Specialty Drink:
Blood Orange Paloma

Burgee Sunset.jpg

Burgee Bar

The Burgee Bar is located above the Dock Shop along the Channel entrance.

Bar Crawl Hours:
The Burgee Bar is a finishing location and will be open until 12am.

Specialty Drink:
Skinny Mojito



The Westerly Pub is located inside the Main Club, within the Terrace Dining area.

bar crawl hours
6pm to 10pm

Specialty Drink:
Mini Friars Favorite